LARP Weapons

Most LARPs which use physical combat rules employ the use of boffer weapons to represent swords, daggers, maces, etc. Boffer weapons are typically constructed by wrapping a solid core (such as PVC or graphite) with some form of padding (such as closed-cell foam pipe insulation). Open-cell foam can also be added for thrusting and waylay tips. The foam is then generally covered with duct or other similar tape, cloth, or in some cases with a latex coating.

Boffer construction requirements vary somewhat from LARP to LARP, so when in doubt one should always consult the rules of the particular LARP one is interested in. The basic techniques for construction and for combat, however, are generally the same.

Some LARPs allow for the use of latex weaponry. These weapons are typically manufactured using some sort of molding process which allows for much more realistic looking weapons. The downside to these weapons is that not all LARPs allow their use; due to their construction they tend to be a bit harder than traditional boffer weapons and are not constructed in a manner to typically be safe for thrusting. On the positive side, however, these weapons are quite striking to look at and can add to the immersiveness of the experience when used.

Falling somewhere in between the two are what many refer to as "hybrid" boffers. These are crafted using carved closed-cell, high-density polyurethane foam (such as "Plastazote" or "Calogen") and fiberglass or graphite weapon cores, and use a combination of cloth and latex coverings for the blade and other embellishments, respectively.

LARP Weapon Merchants