LARP Garb and Costuming

Garb, or costuming, is one of the most important factors on the immersive experience of LARPing. Whether you are a Player Character (PC) or a Non-Player Character (NPC), appearing that you belong in the setting of that particular LARP is very important.

When starting out, simple is often best, especially if you aren't sure whether or not LARPing is for you. Black sweatpants and t-shirts (long or short sleeved) without logos can work fine for a beginner, and can work for some time if paired with a basic tabard. Another good option for pants, which many experienced LARPers even wear, is military BDU pants (typically black). The many pockets offered by these pants can often come in quite handy.

For fantasy LARPs such as NERO, just about any medieval garb purchased online or from a local Renaissance Faire will work fine. Pirate or poet style shirts and vests are also fairly easy to find and often work well for costuming.

For footwear, solid black or brown sneakers are acceptable when starting out, but hiking or combat boots work far better due to the support they provide. Many players eventually look to purchase custom made Renaissance style boots for their garb, but as these can run several hundred dollars I wouldn't advise it until you are certain that you are going to LARP long-term.

Garb/Costuming Merchants