LARP Combat

LARP combat with boffer weapons generally falls into one of two categories: full contact or "light touch". The differences between the two systems generally revolve around the types of strikes that are allowed and the construction of the weapons that are used. In either case, due to legal liabilities, almost all LARP combat is safe when participants follow the rules established by their particular game.

One common misconception that many newcomers to LARPs have is that their skill in fencing/stagefighting/martial arts will immediately equate to skill in LARP combat. This could not be farther from the truth, and I've in fact seen those skills hinder newcomers as they struggle to "unlearn" what they think they already know. Some of the underlying principles of movement and such may translate, as will some of the basic ability that such training will build up, but LARP combat truly is a "martial art" of its own. Even within LARP combat, the skills and techniques that will work for one system may be completely inappropriate or useless in another. You are best served by getting to know several long-time players in your own system and asking them to teach you what they know, and then use that knowledge to develop a style that works for you in that LARP system.

LARP Combat Instruction Videos
Most of these videos are produced by Amtgard and Dagohir players (a great many of these come from the annual Sword Knight Boot Camp event) and are tailored to their full contact hit location style of combat, but they can still be of use for players in "light touch" systems (particularly in terms of footwork, movement, and control).