LARP Armor

For many characters, the next step beyond costuming and garb is armor. Armor can put not only a finishing polish to any costume, but also offers your character some measure of protection in-game. During colder months, armor can also help to keep you warm by adding an additional layer of protection.

For looks, leather armor can be highly regarded, but it is among the most expensive, and is not recommended for those who have the tendency to sweat a great deal, as leather will sweat through, and begin to smell, unless kept up.

Among the cheapest of armor to make is vinyl armor, which will be rated as light leather, but will not look as good. Also inexpensive is chain mail, if you make it yourself. The cost of chain mail comes in the time of construction. A veteran armorer will spend roughly 40 hours linking a medium shirt, made with 7/16" links.

You can make plate armor from sheet metal, if you can find a source, but you must take care to blunt all edges and ensure no protrusions, as a safety measure.

You can, of course, purchase armor. With the internet, and renaissance faires, you can find a nearly limitless source of armor sales.

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